Health and Fitness Magazines

If you have an idea for an article and are talkomatics interested in writing for a health fitness magazine, you can submit it through the contact page of the magazine. However, editors will not accept query letters from writers who have never been published before. In addition, freelance writers should have at least 3-5 years of professional writing experience and clips related to health and fitness.

Women’s health magazine

Women’s Health and Fitness ourtime magazine is a trusted source of health and fitness advice for women. The magazine covers breaking news on weight loss, nutrition, relationships, and beauty. It also provides step-by-step workout videos and advice from experts in the field. This popular magazine is published in the United States and around the world.

On Fitness magazine

The OnFitness health fitness magazine zoopy offers readers tips and advice about a healthy lifestyle, nutrition, and workouts. With an emphasis on personal training, this magazine can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.

Whole Life Times magazine

The Whole Life Times magazine is a health and fitness magazine for people who value a holistic, environmentally conscious lifestyle. Its content covers holistic health, organic food, and other topics ranging from spirituality to yoga. Its website also includes articles on health and wellness, travel, spirituality, and culture.

Austin Fit magazine

Austin Fit is a monthly ipagal magazine that features a healthy lifestyle and healthy eating tips. It is written by Alex Dawson, who has been writing for the magazine for 15 years. The magazine features articles about health and fitness trends in Austin, including fitness boot camps. It also features news and features on travel, food, careers, and life passions.

Mother Earth Living magazine

Mother Earth Living is a natural wellness and conscientious living magazine devoted to helping readers connect with nature and live a healthier life. The magazine includes tips for cooking, nontoxic living, gardening, and holistic health. It also shares information on how to use herbs and plants for preventive medicine and cures.

EatingWell magazine

EatingWell magazine is a health fitness and lifestyle magazine with a focus on eating healthily and sustainably, and exploring the best cuisine from around the world. It started in Charlotte, Vermont, in 1995 and was iloungenews purchased by Hachette Filipacchi in 1996. In December of 1998, Hachette decided to close the magazine, and the original publisher, James Lawrence, decided to start it up again. He gathered his former co-workers and started a new magazine. It started off as a quarterly publication, with no advertising, and grew to six issues a year by 2005.