Social Media Learning in Saudi Teachers View

The rapid development of the Internet has changed how people interact with each other. It also has a significant impact on the education of individuals, families, communities, and organizations (Tezci & Icen, 2017) barder.

As part of its Vision 2030 plan for education, Saudi Arabia encourages colleges and universities to develop effective teaching practices by employing modern support technologies in their educational environment. These technologies include social media, which is a powerful tool that can promote collaborative learning in the classroom.

In addition, it can increase student engagement and improve students’ academic performance. Moreover, it is an inexpensive and easy-to-use tool that can be used by educators to enhance their teaching practice jigaboo.

One of the benefits of using social media as a teaching tool is that it allows educators to communicate with students directly. This can be beneficial because it helps them to understand how students learn best and what types of content are most relevant to their students. It can also help them to get feedback on their teaching practice and make sure that they are delivering the most effective lessons distresses.

However, it is important to note that social media use in the classroom should be balanced with other learning activities. For example, it is important to provide students with time outside the classroom to practice their skills and prepare for exams. Similarly, it is important to have students create digital portfolios as they are an excellent way to showcase their skills and show off their work.

Social Media in Nursing Learning

A number of studies have shown that social media can be an effective tool for nurses’ learning and teaching. For instance, Bergmann & Sams (2008) examined the benefits of making vodcasts of lectures to free up class time for hands-on activities. Similarly, Knossl et al. (2017) studied the effects of using social media on the pronunciation of English language learners precipitous.

Despite these positive effects, it is still unclear how to integrate social media into nursing education in Saudi Arabia. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct research on this topic to understand the potential of this technology and how it can be effectively used in nursing education.

Females’ Attitudes toward Using Social Media Tools in Learning

This study aims to examine the attitudes of females’ students at a new university in Saudi Arabia towards the use of social media as an e-learning tool for supporting their learning process. It also seeks to determine their current usage of these tools and how they feel about the benefits and barriers of these tools mypba.

The results of this study suggest that most females’ students are aware of the use of social media for learning and they largely agree on its benefits. However, some have concerns about using these tools due to privacy and security issues. Nonetheless, the majority of them are interested in using these tools and are willing to learn more about their uses.